Our charitable work

Since its beginnings, Notting Hill Housing has worked to house people in need all across London. We’ve worked closely with residents, partners, funders and volunteers to give people a chance to improve their lives and those of others too.

Many people, such as young care leavers, street homeless, and those with mental and physical disabilities struggle to stay housed, so we run projects and schemes that support them to keep a roof over their heads, and live as independently as possible.This takes time and money, but we've seen how it can transform people’s lives.

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Why support us

There are tight controls on how we spend most of the money we get, so your donations are vital for us to be able to put the money to use where and when it is needed most.

Our housing programme is funded through approximately 50 per cent government grants and 50 per cent private borrowing.

The money we make from rent covers repayments, housing management and maintenance costs.

As a result, there is no money left over and there are no statutory funds that we can use to fund our innovative projects that help vulnerable people.

All of our charitably funded projects:

  • answer a real need
  • are not available through other means
  • are practical
  • make sound economic sense.

Current projects

Hardship Fund - Small emergency grants and payments to help those living in poverty pay for necessities, such as basic furniture when moving from a hostel to a flat, heating bills in the coldest months, and smart clothes for a job interview.

Volunteer Programme

How you can help

We believe that by working with residents, partners, funders and volunteers we can give people the chance to improve their lives and those of others too.

We know that this takes time, effort and money. But we've also seen how it can transform people lives.

You can help us by making a donation, helping us raise funds, or volunteering, or help yourself by participating in our employment and training courses or youth programmes.

More information

If you have any questions about the charitable fundraising we do, please email us at fundraising@nhhg.org.uk or call 020 8357 5333.

Notting Hill Housing is a charity incorporated as an Industrial & Provident Society limited by shares registered in England (16558R).