Our performance

As a Notting Hill Housing customer we want to provide you with the best possible service. We measure how we're performing against our service standards regularly.

Performance data is also published in our financial statements and annual standards reports.

Permanent rented housing performance


Homeowner services performance


Temporary housing services performance


Supported housing services performance


If you have would like to see our performance in previous quarters, please email business-improvements@nhhg.org.uk

Value for money and transparency

We aim to achieve value for money and to be transparent in how we operate. This is core to delivering our corporate strategy. The way we will do it is outlined in our value for money strategy 2014.

Download Value for money strategy 2014 (164.28 kB PDF)

Download Value for money self assessment 2014-15 (80.87 kB PDF)

Download Value for money self assessment 2013-14 (36.38 kB PDF)

We also publish quarterly breakdowns of expenditure within all projects funded by our regulator the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), and our quarterly expenditure across our top 50 suppliers.

Download Top 50 suppliers spend Dec-Mar 2016 (226.11 kB PDF)

Download HCA Affordable Housing Programme Jan-Mar 2016 (17.97 kB PDF)