Our vision and values

Our vision is to be London’s leading housing organisation with residents who love where they live and staff who love where they work and what we do.

We believe that by providing a safe, affordable home we change lives and communities, and we’re motivated by the positive impact this can have on people and a city.


Our values place people at the heart of what we do. We see our residents, customers and our staff as individuals. Despite our size, the service we offer is flexible, local, and personal, and we are proud of that. We take the time to get to know each of our residents, and understand their priorities for their home. Then, we spend our time and energy on doing the things that matter to them.


It's very important to us that our residents and our staff get involved and help shape what we do and how we do it. We believe that this helps us to understand what is most important to our customers and deliver better services.

We’re proud of our rich history and the committed people who made Notting Hill Housing what it is today.


At Notting Hill Housing we expect high standards of ourselves and those we do business with. We subscribe to the National Housing Federation Code of Governance and have a clear bribery policy in place.

Download NHH Compliance with the Bribery Act 2010, April 2012 (86.59 kB PDF)

Our corporate strategy

Our 2015-20 strategy was launched in July 2015.

“Our mission remains the same as it has always been: to provide good quality homes for those who could not otherwise afford them. But we face unprecedented challenges over the next five years as policy, the economy, population demands, the housing market and residents’ needs and expectations all change. Our new strategy outlines how we will stay true to our core purpose at the same time as addressing these challenges.” - NHH Chief Executive Kate Davies

Our five-year strategy was developed following extensive consultation and work with our board, wider governance community and our staff, and identifies five priorities:

  1. Our residents and their homes
  2. Providing more new homes
  3. Our people and our work
  4. Closer partnerships
  5. Our financial strength

Download NHH Corporate strategy 2015-20 (1.10 MB PDF)