How to move home

As a permanent rented housing tenant there are a number of options available to you if you want to move home.

They include:

Leaving your home

If you are going to move out of your home, you should give your Housing Officer four weeks' notice in writing. If you are transferring to another Notting Hill Housing home, you will give up the tenancy of your old home when you sign the tenancy agreement for your new one.

You need to leave your home in a good state of decoration and repair and remove all furniture and belongings. You are responsible for:

  • repairing any minor faults that are your responsibility (for example, you should fill in holes in the walls where you have removed shelves or pictures)
  • making sure that the decorations are of a standard where the next tenant can move in without needing to decorate
  • emptying your home of your belongings and any rubbish
  • making sure your home is clean, especially kitchen units, windows, baths and sinks.

We may inspect your home before you leave and can charge you for carrying out any work that is your responsibility.

More information

For more information about your options for moving home as a permanent rented housing tenant contact your Housing Officer.