Noise and anti-social behaviour

There are some problems with neighbours or household members that might stop you enjoying living in your home.


Homes in and around London are often very close together so it is likely that there will be a certain amount of noise and differences in lifestyles.

Problems can arise when residents disturb each other, usually through making noise which their neighbours find unreasonable. This can lead to disagreements which can become worse and stop one or both residents from enjoying living in their home.

FInd out how to resolve noise or other disputes.

In the home

If you experience a serious threat of violence which may make it impossible for you to continue sharing or living in your home, you should take legal advice and talk to your Housing Officer.

There are a few circumstances when we will provide separate housing, which are:

  • there is the threat of domestic violence
  • a tenant is vulnerable (perhaps due to physical or mental illness, disability or age)
  • separate housing would make larger family accommodation available.

We are not able to re-house a husband, wife or partner who is not a tenant.

Married and unmarried partners may be able to apply for a legal transfer of the tenancy under the Matrimonial Clauses Act, the Family Law Act or the Children Act.

More information

Download Our ASB Policy (1.06 MB MSWord)

For more information about resolving problems with people in your home or neighbourhood, have a look at our ASB Policy above or contact your Housing Officer.