Altogether Better

Altogether Better is the way that we deliver housing management services to our permanent rented housing tenants.

The Altogether Better initiative has been developed with the help of information gathered from our customers, through surveys, case studies and interviews.

We found that our customers were most concerned about:

Based on this feedback, we developed a new streamlined way of delivering services to our customers. Our focus is on getting our basic services right and making sure we keep our customers informed.

Building relationships

Altogether Better is helping us to build a positive relationship with our customers, with mutual respect and trust between tenant and Housing Officer.

Our Housing Officers visit new tenants at home to discuss their views about Notting Hill as a landlord, their neighbourhood and their home. The tenant then receives a full comprehensive service from their named Housing Officer.

Altogether Better empowers our staff to take responsibility for getting the job done and make a real difference to tenants' lives.

Measuring satisfaction

We measure the satisfaction levels of tenants receiving the Altogether Better service. We've found that after six months receiving the new service, our tenants are nearly 30 per cent more satisfied than they were previously.

More information

If you are a Notting Hill tenant, contact your Housing Officer for more information about Altogether Better.