Lease end

When the lease for a settled accommodation property ends, we will either renew the lease, or hand the property back to its owner.

If we renew the lease, you can remain in the property until the owner or the local authority decide not to let us renew the lease.

Handing back the property

We lease the property you live in from the owner. The leases we agree with property owners are usually for three or five years.

If the lease ends and the owner does not want to lease the property to us again, we have to hand it back to them.

Where will I be housed?

The local authority that referred you to us will decide what alternative housing arrangements to make for you. The final decision about your housing situation lies with them. If possible, we will help you by moving you to another one of our homes.

How will I be notified?

We send you a 'notice requiring possession' when you move into your home, just in case the owner chooses not to renew their lease with Notting Hill. This is a formality, and protects us if we need to hand the property back to the owner.

You do not need to do anything when we give you this notice, and it doesn't mean we are planning to evict you – we have to keep to a number of other requirements before we can ask you to move.

For example, we have to give you a certain amount of notice and also meet the other terms of your tenancy agreement. The courts will make sure we keep to these requirements.

More information

For more information about when the lease ends, as a settled accommodation tenant, contact our Customer Services team on 020 8357 4501 or